Hi! I’m Claudia! - jazz singer and passionate performer in the free improvising music genre, vocal coach, music-kinesiologist, body-mind trainer, day-dreamer and miracles believer ...


Deep in my heart I have always felt that I have a mission in this life. In my younger years I only dreamed of becoming a singer and I truly felt that I was going to bring something greater to the table. And then life happened…


Oh, what a journey it has been! As a "victim" of health issues that forced me to give up teaching 4 years ago (and for a while even singing), I had to dive deep and walk through the dark night of the soul, to find out that "I did it to myself" and now I know that this life has much more to offer!


So I learned to appreciate the miracle called LIFE and the beauty of the present moment. I learned to listen to the needs of Body and Soul and not the perfection required by a judgmental mind. I learned to let my heart sing and allowed me to grow.

2021 I found Access Consciousness and the first Tools (Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, the Foundation and the Keys), which now add a new dimension to all other coaching tools I use with my students and clients - and my path to a greater me continues.


How does it get any better than this?

How much more possibilities do we have in life when we learn to open up for them?


From my childhood I bought into my parents limiting beliefs and I didn't allow myself to become a singer. When I decided to follow my heart I was already 38 and only now, 20years later, I really embrace what it has always been my calling: to express my Being through voice. Free improvisation gave me the tools to EXPRESS my UNIQUENESS, Access Consciousness is giving me the tools to ACKNOWLEDGE and RECEIVE the WHOLENESS of BEING ME in EASE, JOY and GLORY!


What else is possible for you?

How does it get any better than this?


Join me on this miraculous journey of SELF EXPRESSION, and DARE to share the GIFT of YOUR UNIQUENESS with the World!